New Movies

  • On Your Mark

    On Your Mark

    Story A young guy ,  Erdong Xiao  (YuHao Zhang ),  has congenital disease but with a “marathon dream”  , a stubborn taxi driver father , Daming Xiao ( Yanhui Wang) that force his son to preview “blind ,   the father and the son ,do not understand each other , but in a marathon “identity exchange”, stand side by side at the starting line….The film tells a story of living with love to the sun, by  a father and son in a single parent family who have different...

  • Battle of Chosin Reservior

    Battle of Chosin Reservior

    Story In the winter of 1950, a bloody war between the United States and China was about to unfold in the frozen Changjin Lake area.China and the United States sent their best trump troops to the war — the 9th Corps of the Chinese People’s Volunteers, the 1st Marine Division and the 7th Infantry Division. Team Kaige Chen Dante Lam Hark Tsui Jing Wu Guoli Zhang Hanyu Zhang Jackson Yee Jerry Lee Xuan Huang Yihong Duan Director Kaige Chen/The Last Emperor(1988),Legend of...

  • Advancing of ZQ

    Advancing of ZQ

    Story It is told that Zheng Qian who  runs away from home already before (Allen), return his hometown Ke Xiqike to attend grandfather’s  funeral, discover accidentally however, the family are  able to trigger exceed ability once be together .Meanwhile, Qian Zheng encounters evil mayor Qiqikov ( Teng Shen ) who snatches his app . Qian Zheng was forced to unite with the super ability of the family to oppose Qiqikov together Team Yang Song Teng Shen Allen Hui Tao Caomei Director Yang...

  • The Yinyang Master

    The Yinyang Master

    Story Onmyoji Seimei, who travels between the two worlds of human and demon, causes a disaster and is in crisis because of a contract with demons. At the same time, demon emperor force is coming back, a fierce war is on the verge of breaking out.At the critical moment when the situation changes and the situation is in turmoil, Seimei suddenly finds that his hybrid identity is the key to all these disasters….. Team Weiran Li Kun Chen Xun Zhou William Chan Chu Xiao Qu Director Weira...

  • HI, MOM

    HI, MOM

    Story The girl Jia Xiaoling that just took an examination of a university (Jia Ling) pass through accidentally to 1981, meeting with the youth mother Li Huanying (Zhang Xiaofei).In order to make her mother much more happy, she turned into her mother ‘s bestie, helping   her to find boyfriend  . she not only Uses provoke law to urge mom to fall in love , but also  assist “factory 2 generation” Shen Guanglin (Shen Teng ) to express love to Li Huanying, then opened a paragraph...

  • Warm Hug

    Warm Hug

    Story Bao Bao has  unusual obsession on cleaning and plans  , who  thought that he is an insulator of friendship and  love, but once meet  Wen Nuan Song  , a warm personality frankness girl ,  doctor “nerve” Jia  and hypocrisy Wei ren Wang , it staged a crazy comedy story… Team Yuan Chang Qin Li Teng Shen Shan Qiao Director Yuan Chang (1981-09-25) Mahua Funage signed actor/Goodbye Mr. Loser,Hello Mr. Billionaire,Never Say Die Cast Qin Li (1990-09-27)Chinese mainland fil...

  • Shock Wave 2

    Shock Wave 2

    Story There is an explosion in Hong Kong, the former bomb expert Pan Chengfeng (Andy Lau )  who is unconscious at the scene, is suspected by the police to be involved in them.Pan cheng feng can only flee to find out the truth at the same time only after awaking, however, his good friend Dong Zhuowen (Liu Qingyun ) and his ex-girlfriend Pang Ling (Ni Ni ) told him about two very different experiences however.Planned bombing occurred one after another, the truth is more and more complicated an...

  • Ne Zha

    Ne Zha

    Story Heaven and earth aura gave birth to a huge energy of mixed beads, Yuan Shi Lord will be mixed beads refined into beads and magic pills, spirit bead reincarnation, help Zhou  ,and magic pill will be born a devil king, for the world of disaster. Yuan Shi  Lord started the spell of Heaven,  thunder will come and destroy the magic pill  3 years later.Taiyi was ordered to deliver the pearl to Nezha, the son of Li Jing’s family in Chentangguan.However a strange combination of circumsta...

  • Hello Mr. Billionaire

    Hello Mr. Billionaire

    Story The story takes place in xihong City, the city of “Special troubles” in “Troubles of Charlotte”.The goalie Wang Duo Yu( Teng Shen) that mixes track at team of amateur of third division , because of the match loses, is expelled from the team. At the lowest point in his life, he accepted the challenge of the Mysterious Taiwan consortium “running out of $1 billion a month”.It is  thought that happy life begins at this point, but DuoYu Wang feels for the...

  • Detective Chinatown 3

    Detective Chinatown 3

    Story Tokyo happened another big case  after Bangkok, New York. Chinatown detective Tang Ren and Qin Feng  were  invited to solve the case by the detective Noda Hao .Detectives from the “CRIMASTER World Detective List” also gathered in Tokyo to join the challenge, and the appearance of No. 1 Q makes the big case more complicated and confusing, and a contest between the most powerful detectives in Asia is about to be launched.。he head of the Korean consortium, Han Jae-in, was kil...

  • Better Days

    Better Days

    Story A college entrance exam eve campus accident, changed the fate of two teenagers.Chen Read (Zhou Dongyu ) ‘s disposition is introverted,  who is the excellent student in the school, reviewing hard, taking a good examination to a good university is  the only idea of her 3 senior school years life .The accident that her  classmate falls a building  is to  drag in a series of unknown story, Chen Nian also is involved in by a little bit among them…In her loneliest hour, a teenage...

  • A Little Red Flower

    A Little Red Flower

    Story Two cancer-fighting families, two life paths.The movie tells a warm reality story, thinking and facing the ultimate problem that every ordinary people will face — imagine that death may come at any time, life is precious only once because of cherish, the only thing we need to  do is to love and cherish. Team Ting Han Jackson Yee Hao cun liu Yuan yuan Zhu Yalin Gao Director Ting Han (1983-11-16)/ Go Away Mr. Tumor(2015) ,Animal World(2018),First Time(2012) Cast Jackson Yee ...

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