Better Days

Better Days

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  • Film type: Cinema films
  • Investment status: Finish
  • Recommendation index : 5 star
  • Subject matter: Drama
  • Release date: 2019-10-25
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    better days

    A college entrance exam eve campus accident, changed the fate of two teenagers.Chen Read (Zhou Dongyu ) 's disposition is introverted,  who is the excellent student in the school, reviewing hard, taking a good examination to a good university is  the only idea of her 3 senior school years life .The accident that her  classmate falls a building  is to  drag in a series of unknown story, Chen Nian also is involved in by a little bit among them...In her loneliest hour, a teenager called  "Xiao Bei" (Jackson )  broke into her world...Most people's 18 years of age is bright and happy, but they have tasted the indifference of the adult world in the summer of age 18.A secret battle is under way to protect the dignity of the young...




    Jackson Yee

    Jackson Yee

    Dongyu Zhou

    Dongyu Zhou

    Fang Yin

    Fang Yin

    Jue Huang

    Jue Huang


    Derek Tsang/Soul Mate(2016),EX(2010),Love in The Buff(2012), accumulative total box office 4.8 billion.


    Dongyu Zhou/千と千尋の神隠し(2019) ,Soul Mate(2016) ,The Love of the Hawthorn Tree (2010) accumulative total box office 11.7 billion

    Jackson Yee /The Longest Day In Chang'an (2019) ,online celebrity,accumulative total box office 3.47 billion.

    Market Analysis


    What are the reasons for getting 1.58 billion  on the box office of the school violence film "Better Days"?

    It is not destined to be a film with box office records left footprints, in the theme of pioneering, it is the reason why it is talked about;Few films combine the bullying, the college entrance exam atmosphere, and the extreme side of teenage evil and love so well.


    Bonus sharing method: Cinemas dividends

    Release Time : 2019-10-25

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    Production cost
    Transfer ratio
    Remaining share
    Box Office  1,580,000,000.00
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